Our mission

Our Mission

To present and bring together the interests of its member-companies

To communicate and act as privileged interlocutor of the government and European Commission and operates as an intermediary between the business community on one side and European and Macedonian policy and decision makers on the other

Mission Statement

The central purpose and role of EBA is defined as:

European Business Association, promoting the sustainable economic growth in the country assists the development of the market economy of the country and the integration with European Union and international economy, by attracting potential foreign direct investors in the country, the association contributes to the advancement of the economic and trade exchange with the EU, which will provide mutual contribution for the entrepreneurs from the both sides and will sustain the development of the Macedonian economy.

Strategic Objectives

Longer-term strategic objectives of EBA are summarized as:

  • The European Business Association aims to become an important catalyst for the interest of the companies in Macedonia and a major link between the business community, the Governmental bodies and the institutions of the EU in the country.
  • The European Business Association will aim to become leading business association in the country, where it will represent an important partner for the business community when operating with companies from the EU.


Increased number of member- companies, totaling the number of 100 members in EBA. Developed executive office of the association, by employing a minimum of 10 experts in the field of training and education, consulting, marketing and many more. Expended regional network of EBA branch offices throughout the country. Established and identifiable organization for its positive and successful image of work. Increased budget to the amount of 150.000 €, with a possibility for financing different projects of the interest of EBA members.

Strategic Action Programs

The following strategic action programs will be implemented:

  • Defining, compliance with the governmental bodies and clear articulation of the activities through which the business sector will support the country’s integration in the EU;
  • Education of the business community in the country for the possibilities of using the pre-accession fund of the EU, as well as timely and effective standardization and technical readiness of the companies upon application;
  • Consultations, support and lobbying activities for its members;
  • Execution of public campaigns for the use of the business sector upon governmental preparations and implementation of its policies;
  • Organizing business events;
  • Managing training courses, workshops, conferences in the scope of the subject matter;
  • Providing networking
  • Regular business information for the members by issuing a newsletter every 3 months;
  • Business contacts with local companies or partners from the EU and vice versa;
  • Participation in trade delegations and
  • Other services that will enable promotion to the companies-members in EBA and the business sector at large.